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Boiler Services and Plumbing

You should have your home or business boiler serviced regularly for many crucial reasons. Ensuring consistent safety is one vital factor for regularly inspecting it. If it doesn't function correctly, it means that it can often become a danger.

At the minimum, it may work poorly without regular maintenance. Regularly having heating system serviced ensures safe running and addresses problems before they become serious.

New Heating Systems

Our dedicated staff also offer high quality boiler fitting, providing the installation of energy efficient boilers, at competitive prices. Installing efficient boilers helps reduce energy costs, which is increasingly crucial as bills continue to rise.

We offer an excellent range of finance solutions, to help you fund your new boiler, in an affordable way. We use Kanda Finance, and if they approve your application, you can access finance options to support your boiler financing.

Professional Local Plumbers

To help simplify things for our domestic and commercial clients, we offer three main service plans. You'll enjoy a same-day visit from one of our proficient plumbers. The service plan that you've chosen will then cover any necessary repairs. If you need plumbers in Eastbourne, you can reach out to us today. Contact us by email on help@heroplumbing.co.uk or call on 01323 884322 to arrange a plumber or request a job quote.

Boiler Repairs and Servicing